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ACL problem in DIALER interface

Hi everyone,
Have a problem here implementing this ACL :
    10 permit tcp host 81.x.x.x host eq 3389
    20 deny tcp any any eq 3389
    30 permit ip any any

in the DIALER0 interface on a CISCO 1841.
    ip access-group 101 in

when i tried to connect from the remote network it wont allow me. If i implement this very same ACL USING OUT in the FASTETHERNET it will work as wished, but no in the DIALER0, and that is my question:
WHY ????, why (apparently) blocks all IPs and cannot get through

i have no other ACL in the router and NAT is configured and working perfectly, but please help me to understand why it doesn't work in that interface.

Thank y ou very much and hope you find this question easy
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