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Installing Esx in vmware workstation.


I am jaya working for CItiBank.I have installed vmware ESX 3.5  server in a vmware workstation 6.2.
I am able to connect the esx servers via virtual center running in a seperate windows server 2003.I have created a cluster named Newyork_datacenter and then added two esx servers (Esx_01 & Esx_02) .
Mapped 100 gb VMFS voulme Via ISCSI initiator.All are set to ready.I have created a new Vm to install windows 2003 enterprise edition.When i am trying to power up the VM  i am getting Error message and my esx server automatically going down.

My vmware workstation 6.0 is running in windows 2003 r2 64 bit.
Total Memory 8gb
Processor Intel Quad core .

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Please help us.

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the document talking about the esx 3.5 and workstation 6 problems can be read here
sound familier? :)
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Great.It worked for me.