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3 server quick questions/problems....

I have a server here and I need to get 3 things completed :

1. Setup another computer on the network. I need to add it to a domain and see what the settings are from a different workstation. ( I believe I can handle this one, I basically have to check the setting on the other workstations and pretty much match it and go from there)

2. Another workstation in the office keeps going online and offline. ( I'm looking for any ideas why this is happening ? possible bad NIC ? any other ideas are greatly appreciated)

3. My customers want to know about any software where it will limit what websites the workers go on ? I'm guessing there is some software that can be installed on the server and limit the websites that employees goto ?  (Any ideas are appreciated. )

This is a small business I just picked up my appt is on Fri. They probably have about 4 or fewer computers in the office. I dont have a ton of server work under my belt. I'm pretty familiar with them and how they run. I have a server in my house for years that I usually mess around with and hook my 5 computers up to the domain and just to mess around and get used to. I'm confident I can get this job completed quickly. I'm just looking for any ideas or suggestions maybe something I haven't thought of myself. Thanks for all your help...
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Thanks for the reply above it is very informative. I went there on Friday and got everything I need to do.

The specs for the office the server is running SBS2003 they have a modem from embarq and I believe a router that is a Netopia R9100 (EN-WAN Router), I need to reasearch into that router. The office only has the password for the server user to log in. They do not have any password for the router. Which could be a problem. I'm not to sure how to get by this but I may not even need to change anything if I can basically plug and go.

 All the office pcs are setup on a workgroup so that wont be to bad. The setting well dns and gateway point to the router ip should be a pretty basic install....

results below...

well the one computer with the nic issue were it is intermittant. I checked the power management in properties and it is turned off. I think  I may just buy a new adapter and install it and see if that fixes the issue unless anyone has any other ideas ?

As for the new computer that needs to be setup, I have to run an ethernet wire from the server up the wall and to the other computer.. It will need to be setup with a workgroup and I will put in the settings.

Also they will want to block out websites. I was told about a proxy server I'm woundeing if you have any helpful links that I could review. I will do some checking into this and see what I can find. i'm guessing it cant be that hard to complete but I'm not super familiar with them.

Well I believe thats all for now. Any help is greatly appreciaed and I appreciate all your time...Thanks all....
>>"All the office pcs are setup on a workgroup "
Really? SBS must be set up as a domain, the computers do not have to be a member of a domain but that defeats the whole purpose. If the server itself did not have its installation to completed, making it a domain controller and it too is a workgroup member, the company is in violation of the licensing agreement.

Are you aware of the differences between a domain and a workgroup?

Also you mention; "The setting well dns and gateway point to the router ip" They should not. DNS must point to the SBS, the SBS should be the DHCP server, and if the SBS has two NIC's the gateway should also be the server.

As for the Netopia, generally these are not accessed with a web browser, but rather by using telnet, with no default user name or password. See:
If you cannot access the unit you may have to reset the router to factory defaults. If doing so you need to find out what services are used by the SBS as you will have to re-configure port forwarding for those services/ports on the router after the reset.
Hey Rob, I really appreciate all the help you have been giving me. Thats really awesome...

I am familiar with a domain and workgroup. At my home I have my xp machines on a workgroup. I also have a server here with sbs2003 on it and when I actually use it I put all my workstations on  the domain. I'm pretty familiar with it from just messing around with it as I work with it here. I was pretty surprised to see that they were on workgroups. I def figured it would be a domain.

For the one computer I was just giving the setting that I seen on the network adapter on the other computer that was having the nic issue.

They were :
ip and so on ...,, and for the dns it was
I didn't check any of the setting on the server. I probably should of just to see what that network card had. So I'm guessing the is configured to the netopia and the modem is running to the netopia. I believe the server is plugged into the netopia.

Also I did notice on the server that DNS and DHCP was not running. I'm going to need to get in there one last time here today or tomorrow and verify a few things with the server. I'm willing to bet the server has just one nic.

I'm going to look over some of the stuff you linked for me and see what it says. Basically it sounds like who ever installed it first time did it pretty wrong but I don't think they will want to pay me to have my put it on a domain. I guess it has been running like this for 2 years now and that's how they do everything. I'm going to check out a few things. I really appreciate all your help...Its great, thanks again...Joel
It sounds like SBS was not installed correctly. It will be an up hill battle all the way if it is not fixed up. The SBS base O/S is normally installed and then on the desktop there is a continue set up icon. This makes the SBS a domain controller, installs active directory, DNS, DHCP, Exchange and all other services. The router (Netopia) should not be the DNS server or DHCP server. All workstations should then be joined to the domain, and in very particular ways using the wizards.

SBS is very simple to look after and manage and gives you far more features than any other O/S, however the wizards must ALWAYS be used, all components installed even if you are not going to use all, and defaults chosen whenever possible.

This may be a difficult job to take on a) if you don't clean it up  b) to do the clean up.
I def feel confident I can add a domain and add all the workstations to the domain. This will take a me a little time. I cant fly thru it like an IT pro would be able to but I know I would be able to do it. I don't know if the cx will want to pay for it and I'm not sure if the cx will understand. I can def break it down for them and tell them about everything. I will have to see if all the dns,dhcp,active directory exchange and all the other stuff is installed on it. If I were to go that route and set everything up I will have to setup all computers to the domain and then configure dhcp and dns on the server and also disable it on the router and keep the embarq modem the same ?

so everything will come in thru embarq modem and it will go thru the router ( on the router I will disable dns and dhcp ) then run all the wires to the computer. on the server I will have to make user account install dns and dhcp and run them programs so the workstations are able to be put on the domain and then everything will be shared as it is right now. I will have to backup everything for the office in case worse case happens. Like I feel I can do the above but like i say it may take me a little longer then usual. This is exactly what I have setup at my home with 4 other workstations. I will have to do a lot of research as of now to see exactly cause I wont want to miss a step. I printed out the link you gave me in the first reply and was looking that over and I have been reading EE for information.

They also don't use exchange so that will work well. Plus the netopia I would prefer they replace that but I may just have to work with it.

When they had all this completed they had a neighbor who does it for fun come in and work everything. So he must of did a lot of it wrong. I'm going to have to get out to that office and look everything over shortly and see what exactly needs to be done.  

rob how long have you been in the IT field ? Do you own your own business or work for some big corporation ? Just curious....Thanks again so much I cant even explain how helpful you have been to me...The point will def be yours soon...but your knowledge is amazing...I'm still going to school to get my IT degree but I can do alot of other work just servers I don't have a ton of hours into except for the house I have on my windows sbs2003 at my house I purchases about 2 years of now it just sits under the table until I get my business a little more setup then I want to use it the way it should be.
Don't forget when joining the PC's to the domain that you need to use the wizards in the Server Management console to create the user and computer accounts and then join the computer to the domain using  the http://SBSname/connectcomputer wizard

Configuring the SBS and domain will actually give them much more protection from data loss and probably save them money. A domain is much easier and cheaper to manage than a workgroup. That is why businesses use them. Workgroups are much too complicated for IT folk.

I started doing programming in the early 70's with punch cards (optical readers), but didn't really get back to it until 1998 and that was only part time. Primary job was physical network troubleshooting. I have had my own IT company for about 6 years now doing network support.
Rob, this is pretty much the last of it. I got a pretty good idea what needs to be done. I just stopped at the office to look over a few things before I go there. The appt is setup for Thurs these are the new details/problems:

Ok with the workgroup/ domain issue : There is a domain in place there are 4 computers in the office. 2 of them are on the domain and the other one is on a workgroup and the other one needs to be setup still. The computer on the workgroup I will enter the nic settings and do the connectcomputer wizard and it will put it on the domain. The other  computer that is not setup I will need to put in the nic setting and also do the connect computer wizard. One other question will I need to make users/passwords on the server before I run the wizard on the 2 other computers ?

The other issue is the proxy server which I will read up on as much as possible.

Basically the only issues I will have are the 2 computer setups to the domain. The one pc is on a workgroup which will need to be switched to a domain. I will check the setting on the other computer on the domain for the NIC and enter it into the nics on the 2 computers thta need to be setup. then I can run the wizards.

Or is it once I get the computers on the domain will I then run the setup wizard ? I think I will need to run the wizards and then it will take care of the rest ?

 I will read up on all the info that you have provided me. I'm guessing this is pretty much straight forward and shouldn't be that much of an issue.  

Well I think I'm all set. I will have ot read up and should be good to go. I don't foresee this being that impossible for me. I'm positive I can handle these issues I just want to make sure I go about it the right way ther first time. Once again thanks for everything you have been unbelievably helpful..Thanks again...
>>"One other question will I need to make users/passwords on the server before I run the wizard on the 2 other computers ? "
You need to:
-go to server management | Users | add a user,  to create the user (including setting the initial password)
-go to server management | Computers | set up client computers, to create the computer account
-on the PC go to http://SBSname/connectcomputer

>>"I will check the setting on the other computer on the domain for the NIC and enter it into the nics on the 2 computers that need to be setup. then I can run the wizards."
It is recommended though not absolutely necessary the PC's use DHCP, and also that the SBS is the DHCP server not the router. You do know that although the configuration for each PC is similar the IP's must be different I assume.

It is important all of the above be done correctly. Re-doing it is much more time consuming but it can be done. TechSoEasy has very nice instructions should you have to re-do any machines:!AB2725BC5698FCB8!278.entry

Thanks redbugsbunny.
Cheers !