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What is smtp queues growth period

I have a server that keeps sending me the below messages

Sender: <WMI@SERVER>
Subject: Warning on ZEUS

Server has reported a Warning.  Reported status is:
Queues - Warning
Drives - OK
Services - OK
Memory - Unknown
CPU - Unknown

There messages are being generated from Exchange System Manager and I'm concerned about somethings. First I am a bit green when it comes to backbone Exchange technology. The administration part is easy. So I'm unsure what smtp queues  growth period really means. I tried to google it and I found http://support.microsoft.com/kb/889180. That got me worried, but it didn't state what it ment. My conclusion of what it means is time a message sites in the queue? Assuming I'm right doesn't this conflict with Microsoft Exchange default settings?

For example the defaults for message timeouts are listed below
Urgent - 2 days
Normal - 7 Days
Non-urgent - 10 days

I have to be wrong about what smtp queues growth means. Someone please clarify.
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