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The anti virus process keeps on running on clients system

Does anybody know how to stop the rtvscan process which is continuously running on clients system and making the system very slow
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8/22/2022 - Mon

start > run > services.msc

locate the process in question and set to disable.

rvscan is the Symantec Antivirus service.

You can go to the services applet (start then run ..and type services.msc and press ok)
In the window that comes up, browse to Symantec Antivirus and you can double click on it to change the startup to manual.

I would not recommend this though. This process remains in the background so that it can scan documents when they are opened etc to see if there is any virus or not. There could be a startup scan as I have seen (autogenerated scan under startup scans in symantec screen). You could delete this.

Also, have a look at the task manager performance tab and see if your memory is peaking. Also look under processes to see what is taking up all the CPU and memory on those pcs.


What you describe is one of the most common complaints about Symantec products - and there really isn't much you can do about it.

Make sure that your actual 'system scans' are scheduled during non-working hours, increase your RAM (if in the budget), move to a different product when the Symantec license expires (if that is your decsion).

I don't think that any other anti-malware product uses the resources that Symantec does and I have been replacing them with either McAfee or AVG for several years now.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Thanks for the responses but I do not want to disable the service. I want that client system to be scanned and the scanning is scheduled in the policies of the console every friday at 8pm. No idea why is it scanning on a week day. When I try to kill the process it comes back up.

You should double check your Scheduled Scan configuration.   Verify what happens if a computer is not "ON" when the scan is scheduled to happen.  When configuring the scheduled scan, there should be a tab called "Scan Schedule" with an "Advanced" button.  By default, this will be set to "re-try missed scans within 3 days of missed scans," but that option can be changed or even disabled entirely.  The obvious risk is that if you turn this OFF entirely, any computer not "ON" at scheduled start will not scan at all that week.  For desktops, the ideal thing is probably to use a "wake-on-lan" product to turn on any computers that are not already on so they can be scanned at the scheduled time....but if that is not an option, you can just tell users to leave their computers "ON" on Thursdays or whatever day you pick.  That way the scan happens at 8 PM as scheduled, and not the next time they log on.  Of course you could also schedule scans to happen EVERY night at 3 AM for all PC's, and then use wake-on-lan or tell users to make sure they leave their machine (desktop or laptop) "ON" at least one night a week.  Then you could use reporting to find any PCs that did not scan that week, and make sure someone follows up with those users, or even move those users to another Symantec client group that scans during the day!

PS:  as was previously indicated, it is normal for the RTVScan.exe process to always be resident.  When actively scanning something or "auto-protecting" the files you access, it will be consuming some level of CPU.  When not scanning anything, it should be 0%.
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What you are seeing is normal and some users have complained about it there are several memory leaks crashes that are address on SEP11 MR2 http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ent-security.nsf/docid_p/2007121216360648

Thank you all

>>Thank you all
So what was the solution? :p
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I have not tried the solutions yet. Will let you know if it works.

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