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Mail merging into several text boxes

I have set up (what I thought was) a simple mail merge document. I have my data in Excel and due to the asthetic of the final merged document I have used text boxes to align the merged data in Word. See attached word file.

I have inserted my merge fields into the text boxes and have formatted accordingly.

When I go to preview and skip through the previews they show up fine. Everything is present and all formatted as per the main merge document. When I send to print they print out fine.

HOWEVER when I merge to edit the individual documents all but one text box of information is missing. The other text boxes are just not there. The only one left is the last text box and this has the correct merged text in it.

Can anyone suggest what is wrong.

I thought possibly it could be because nowhere have i put <<next record>>. Apparently I cannot insert this into a text box. However, why is it merging ok to the printer?


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