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Event ID 15119

I'm getting the following EventID 15119 which I can find no further information concerning.  Presumed this was a virus issue, but tracked the client PC down and performed antivirus/spyware and mrt scans, finding only a few cookies.  Anyone got any further information on this error?

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Microsoft Firewall
Event Category: None
Event ID: 15119
Date:  7/22/2008
Time:  10:01:29 AM
User:  N/A
Computer: *****
The number of TCP connections per minute from the source IP address ***.**.**.*** exceeded the configured limit. ISA Server will not allow the creation of new TCP connections from this source IP address during a system-defined time period. By default, this time period is 1 min.  This event indicates that this IP address probably belongs to a host that is infected by a worm and attempts to propagate the worm to other vulnerable hosts.  See the product documentation for more information about ISA Server flood resiliency.
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