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How to remove non numeric values from a text string in vb6/VBA

How to remove non numeric values from a string in vb6/VBA
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Robin Uijt
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Can you give us an example of strings and how you want them to be?
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if isNumeric(part of string)
   part of string is numeric
   part of string is not numeric
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I want to remove any non numeric char . These alpha values can be anywhere in the string. So my result should be 9999999
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You could use the function below:

Public Function RemoveAlphaNumChars(ByVal p_sStr As String) As String
    Dim l_lIdx As Long
    Dim l_sRet As String, l_sCh As String
    l_sRet = ""
    For l_lIdx = 1 To Len(p_sStr)
        l_sCh = Mid$(p_sStr, l_lIdx, 1)
        If InStr(1, "1234567890", l_sCh) > 0 Then
            l_sRet = l_sRet & l_sCh
        End If
    Next l_lIdx
    RemoveAlphaNumChars = l_sRet
End Function

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Dim newstr as String
Dim ch as String
newstr = ""
For I = 1 to len(yourstr)
      ch = Mid(yourstr, I, 1)
      if IsNumeric(ch) Then newstr = newstr & ch
Next I
Here you go.
Private Sub Form_Load()
    '0-9: 48-57
    Dim strInput As String
    strInput = "he11o"
    Dim strOutput As String
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim chrCode As Integer
    For i = 1 To Len(strInput)
        chrCode = Asc(Mid(strInput, i, 1))
        If chrCode >= 48 And chrCode <= 57 Then
            strOutput = strOutput & Chr(chrCode)
        End If
    Next i
    MsgBox strOutput
End Sub

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