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Exporting off 2 form values.

I have an export which I want to add a second parameter to  the export so it will export based on 2 form names, I get a type mismatch off the info below. How can I add a second form. I need to have it include the second_bpq_form as well. I have stripped out most of the code, leaving only the 2 parts I believe need to be updated.

RepKey = "bpq_form"  Or  "second_bpq_form" 
	Set Repview = db.GetView( "(bpq_all)")  
	Set RepDoc  = Repview.GetDocumentByKey( RepKey )    ' form name must be first colum and sorted
	x = 3
	While Not ( RepDoc Is Nothing )                 ' as long as it has a handle on a document do the following
		If  RepDoc.Form(0) = "bpq_form" Or  "second_bpq_form" Then

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