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VB.NET (2.0) Windows service to control remote Windows services

Hi experts,

I have a Windows service which resides on a Windows Server 2003 box on Internet connection 1. This service is running by default. We'll call this box server1.

I also have a duplicate of this service on a duplicate server on Internet connection 2. This service is stopped by default. We'll call this box server2.

I want to write a 3rd service which will reside on a 3rd server (server3) which will query external websites through Internet connection 1, and if it cannot see any of them at any time, it will then connect to the service on server1, stop it, and then connect to server2 and start that service.

In this way, I will be able to automate our currently manual failover system. I have some VB.NET (2.0) experience but am not sure where to start. If anyone knows any good articles on doing something like this I'd appreciate it (I assume through WMI? Or is there a better way?)


Visual Basic.NET

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