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Remove Blank Pages from PDF File

I am hoping someone can help me out here.  I have a task of scanning in several documents that is converted to a PDF file.  Some of the pages are duplexed and others are not, but i scan in Duplex to make sure I do not miss anything.  The problem with this is I have several blank pages in the pdf document that I have to remove. Does someone know of a way to remove these blank pages?  Does anyone know of a good program or script I can use to help with this.


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Foxit PDF Editor

It's really easy to use
If you have Acrobat Standard verision, it will allow you to delete pages from your document.
Unfortunately, Acrobat does not provide this feature. You need to use 3rd party software to accomplish this. Do you have software that came with your scanner that can scan to PDF - and remove blank pages?

If you have text on all pages that should remain in the document, and if you run Acrobat's OCR (and provided that Acrobat will actually recognize all text), you could write some JavaScript in Acrobat that would extract text on every page, and if it does not find any text, remove the page.
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I do have Acrobat Standard, but it only allows you to select individual pages or give it a range.  Since the blank pages are scattered throughout the document, it makes it more difficult to select the pages.
You will have to pick it one by one or from a range if you have too many in a row.
Does Standard do OCR? If that's the case, you could still run JavaScript (Standard does not come with development tools, but you can write a text file, drop it in the correct directory and still use it).

If you need to do this manually, work in batches: If you have 5 of 10 duplex pages in a row, arrange them so that you can select a column in the Pages pane, then remove the pages, and move on to the next region that you can treat that way.

If I remember correctly, Abbyy's FineReader can detect blank pages. You can download a 30 day eval license, to see if it works for you.
Do you have the link to this application?
Here's another interesting link which shows removing blank pages by comparing the size of a blank page with a page containing content
I'm sure this process would work, but I am not a programmer, so trying to get this to work doesn't work for me.  I was hoping to find a software solution to help me with this problem.  KHREMER, I have downloaded the software and have tested it.  This is very similar to OmniPage and seems to be a nice tool, but it is slow and doesn't do what I'm looking for.  I simply want to be able to open the pdf file and have it scan the document and remove the blank pages.  Thanks for the links though, I'm still looking for a good solution.

Have you looked at the software that came with your scanner? What scanner are you using?
We are utilizing a copier and it scans to a file server.  It is a HP9055 copier/scanner.  It will convert the file to a pdf for us, but will not distinguish what is blank or not.
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Perfect...This does exactly what I'm looking for.  Thanks everyone