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how can I get removed from the blacklist

How can I get removed or send a request to get removed from the blacklist?  All emails we send to get a timeout failure.
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Can I suggest putting your external Mail Server IP in this tool and checking you havne't been listed?
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I'm removed from all but 2 db's...  1 will be removed shortly and the other posted an error when trying to manually remove..  I'm pretty sure is not referencing these db's though.  Most of the large ISP's provide a request form to be removed.
You may also want to check that your DNS is in tact for your domain and you have a Reverse DNS Entry for your IP that matches the FQDN of your exchange server.

My reverse DNS and/or PTR records are valid.  I also have SPF records that are valid.  Our website was compormised a few weeks ago...  We had a series of SPF records and one pointed to that server.  I guess between that and the domain name somehow we ended up on some of the smaller hole in the wall spam db's...  All of the major ones didn't have us listed..  Since then we've been removed on all but 2 of the lists you just sent.  1 we'll be removed from soon...  Google has removed us from their search engine block list so now I'm curious to why Bellsouth isn't accepting our emails..  We simply get timeout errors.
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You are welcome, gopher_49!
If you are still having issues ATT has changed the sites around try