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Public folder issues in Exchange

This is a problem that has been plague my org for a while now. I have gotten the Free Busy data to replicate, then for some reason about two weeks ago it stopped. I get an error in my event viewer that says:
Error updating public folder with free-busy information on virtual machine MHCOLOEXCH02. The error number is 0x8004010f.
Very generic. Also I have only one other public folder in my org and it is not replicating to my other server either.
Background: I have two exchange servers both running 2003 SP2, 01 is the main server and 02 is the secondary server that is having the issues. 01 is where the users have inputted things into the one public folder, but on 02 there is no content and the replication for the folder on ESM says In Sync. Please help as this is bugging me and I need to get them both fixed. I don't want to call Microsoft.

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