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Splitting hardware resources amongst all the software

I will be soon taking delivery of some new bespoke software that runs on a SQL database. I need to decide how best to use the two servers I have or get a third to deal with the new software. Cost is most definately an issue here and I would love some input from some seasoned brains as to what us possible.

My current set up is:

DC Server
Software: Windows SBS 2003 R2.
Hardware:HP Proliant ML150 (intel xeon 5130 2ghz),  2gb RAM,  6 SAS drives (C:72GB Raid 1; D: 146GB Raid 5; E: 146GB Raid 5)
This server is being used for mail, domain control, user profiles etc... Currently 15 users.

Server Two
Software: Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard; Blackberry Enterprise Server (4 users); Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0
Hardware: HP Proliant ML110 (intel xeon 3040 1.86ghz) 1.5gb RAM, Single 148gb SAS drive.

The software I am getting requires SQL server 2003 minimum, and there will be a fair amount of database query activity constantly on an hourly basis. The upside is that I can now get rid of the Blackberry server software entirely.

So the question is, what combination of software and OS could fit on either servers, and if there is too much load for the current hardware what would be the best way of either a) beefing up the current servers, or b) purchasing a new server and to what spec?

I've been getting crazy quotes from IT companies who want to sell me the earth in a box, and with 15 users I just can't believe what they are telling me is necessary

Any direction will be greatfully appreciated!!

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