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System service constantly 5 to 30 % CPU usage

I have a Windows 2003 server that is having some issues.  It started a few days ago when people started complaining that files were opening slowly from it.  We discovered that Mcshield was taking up 50 to 70% CPU so we tried disabling it.  Slowdown went away.  Looking into it further, I noticed that the System process was constantly at 5 to 30% CPU usage and using ProcessEx discovered that it was the srv.sys file.  Doing research I found some people had issues with Trend's Officescan which we do not have.  Other people had issues with Mcafee being the culprit.  So that night I uninstalled Mcafee completely (as far as I can tell anyways) I first forced uninstall the Framework (Mcafee is managed through ePO 4.0) then uninstalled it, then went back and made sure all files/folders were gone.  Rebooted and same problem.  So I installed SP2 as I knew it had a newer version of the srv.sys file.  Rebooted and problem still exists.  Doing some more research I found someone had an issue with it as it was a DNS server.  This server is also a DNS server, but don't find any problems.  I've run dcdiag /test:dns and everything passes.  I'm at a loss so here I am.  

Thanks for any help I receive.
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