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How do I populate an excel template with a SQL Server 2005 dataset?

Hi Experts!

I need to populate an exel file with lots of data using SQL Server 2005 and C#.  What's more, formatting of the file is an issue.  My guess is that you can build a visual template excell file, and then fill it with data.  Can someone provide me some code snipits or suedo code on how to do that?  If there is a website that expliclity addresses this, then that will work also.  Thanks Experts!  :)
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Check this question, It could have most of what you need. This is a straight copy from a recordset to an excel template.

Also, when you say formatting is essential, is that straight formatting or do some parts of the recordset go someplace, while others go someplace else? In which case, you could transfer the recordset to an array and work from there in vba.

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I have a data view that will be copied column for column onto the exel file.  The formatting is some colors and some additional meta fields in the first, second, and third rows of the excel files.  That is, the recordset should come out the same, but have some additional information padded accross the top, and have some useful colors to distinguish stuff.  My thought is that I want a template, and then just have it filled with a dataview.  
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Oh, and just so you know, an insert statement will add to the bottom of the "known" rows...


insert myexcel...Order_Worksheet$ (row,item,description,price,qty,discount)
values ('D10','Product3', 'Product 3 Description', 11.34, 12, 0 )

adds to row 20 in the above example...
Thank you!  :)