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Delphi Win32 API CopyFile

I have a delphi 4 program and I am trying to use CopyFile to copy a file from the C:\ to a server.  The path I am trying to copy to is a "Shared Path" according to the network supervisor.  For instance, the actual path is \\Server\Folder1\ImageFolder, but the "shared path" is \\Server\ImageFolder,  so when I map a drive to the ImageFolder I would map to \\Server\ImageFolder.  

I am specifing \\Server\ImageFolder\ as the path but it will not copy the file.  If I specify \\Server\Folder1\ImageFolder and I have all the rights to I need to Server and Folder1 then it will copy the file.

Does CopyFile not work with "shared paths"?  What could I use instead?
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