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Windows Domain Password Expiary Date Check

Hello Guru's

Here is my question
- We have a windows 2003 DC , with Default Domain Policy (DDP) set
- We have aroung 300 users
- I have set the password age= 120 days in the DDP
- Password never expires - Not checked under the idividual user accound in AD
Why does the users password does not expire in 120 days?
How can I check the last password change date of the user ?
How can I check the  password expirey date of the user ?
How do I have all or separate groups of users to expire their passwords and have them set to expire from that date.

All I am trying to do is to find out why passwords do not expire in 120 days, and since our company passwords never expire I want to have a soluation that I can do this in phases insted all at once, to reduce the number of calls and issues.

Many Thanks to all in advance.

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