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Import data from excel then add autonumber field: 90000 rows

I have data in Excel, in 2 tables of about 40,000 and 50,000 rows (due to row limit size). I want these to be transferred to access in 1 table.

I also want the primary key of the new Access table to be an autonumber field starting at 1 (called "Sales ID")
I tried to create a Sales ID field in excel before bringing ht edata in but then found I could not convert the field to autonumber.

In future, more data (about 100-200 new rows each week) will need to be imported.
not sure if this requirement has any bearing on the solution requested above (I cant see how you can import multiple rows from Excel into an existing table and cause the primary key autonumber field to get populated automatically).

The data supplied weekly in excel format will not have the primary key sales ID field in it.

Microsoft Access

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