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Creating SQL Server Logins from application interface

Last Modified: 2010-04-21
Hi Everyone,

We have a vb.net 2005 application with a SQL Server 2005 Backend
SQL Authentication is used to authenticate users.

We need to change the application to allow application administrator's to create users using the front end interface.

We have a store procedure that creates the logins, no problem there, the problem is that the account that the application uses needs to be on the  Server role 'securityadmin" otherwise, will not run.

There is a concern that the application account has elevated privileges on the server and can access other DBs.

Is there a way to create logins but restrict the user that the application uses to create the login to only one database?

Any idea is very welcome

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Try to use EXECUTE AS clause in your stored procedure definition to execute the procedure in a context of SecurityAdmins member.

Oh, and btw, having a login does not guarantee database access. You have to create a user in a database and grant some permissions to this user.


Hi brejk,

Thank you for your comment,
In that case I thing that the SP needs to have user name and password to do the impersonation...Im I right?
Then there will be a breach to other databases... that is what we would like to prevent.

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Brejk ,Thank you very much for your solution.

Yes, that was the solution I was looking for, the key here is that the account that runs the SP does not have any other permmision than execute, so the passsword used for impersonation will not be exposed.

That gives you an A!

Thanks again

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