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Group Policy To Auto Login to People Near Me?

I am working with Vista on and Active Directory 2003 network.
In Vista's people near me, I know it is possible to go into Properties and change the option to "Sign me in automatically when Windows starts." I am trying to figure out if there is a group policy setting or maybe a registry key that I can add to goup policy to automatically login to People Near Me. I want to enable this feature or all users when they login without having to manually tell it to login and I want this change to happen without the user having to do anything.

Any ideas?
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This is for Windows XP, I don´t know whether it works for Vista:

How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP:
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pablovr, sorry I do not mean automatic logon. I am talking specifically about People Near Me feature of Vista.
Thanks twcadmin for the comment, I misunderstood. This feature is new to me, I have already read a little about it now, and I guess you refer to the "sign in" checkbox in each client machine.
I´ll research this matter to learn something from it, and hopefully get you an answer.