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How is Reverse DNS configured when using hosted DNS?

I've a site using GoDaddy to host DNS, though the customer hosts their own mail server.  The domain is failing DNS checks stating no Reverse DNS configured.  It is my understanding that as GoDaddy hosts the DNS, they also configure the Reverse DNS, but the technician I spoke to claims otherwise.  He insists I must set that up on my servers.  Can anyone clarify this for me?

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Both forward and reverse zones nead to be configured on the DNS server. If you're using a private IP-range for NAT-ed intranet, you shall *only* use an internal DNS server to get the internal resolving working and configure that server to forward unresolved queries to the ISP's DNS server. Configure all clients and servers to use the internal DNS server for resolving without using ISP's server directly.
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Who hosts the mail server?

And who provides the connection for the mail server?

The (Internet) connection provider for the Mail server is, by default, responsible for the Reverse Lookup for that zone. It's extremely unlikely that responsibility for that has been delegated to you.

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The client hosts the mail server.  Nuvox is the data carrier.  GoDaddy does DNS.  So would Nuvox be responsible for Reverse DNS?  
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