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APP_SERVER01\Administrator failes to call the batch script


I migrated the SQL server 2000 database from DB_SERVER01 (old server with windows 2000 SE SP4) to DB_SERVER02 (new server with windows 2003 EE SP2).

After the migration takes place, one of the Microsoft task schedular failed and having the following error messages:
DB-Library: Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist.
Net-Library error 1326: ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()).

The task schedular resides on the application server, APP_SERVER01, and it uses administrator user id to run. The APP_SERVER01 is running under Windows 2000 SE SP4. It is having different O/S version with the new database server, DB_SERVER02.

The task schedular run Daily_DOWN.BAT and here are one of the commands from the batch scripts:
isql /S DB_SERVER02 /U testing /d db_test /e /i chksyslogs.SQL /P testing >> download.log

Scenario A

* Logon as a domain user (DOMAIN\USER01)
* Creates new task schedular (TESTING-Daily)  to call Daily_DOWN.BAT
* The TESTING-Daily completes succesfully
* No errors found

Scenario B

* Logon as an Administrator
* Run the existing task schedular (Daily)  to call Daily_DOWN.BAT
* The Daily task failed
* Errors found as follow:
DB-Library: Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist.
Net-Library error 1326: ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()).


a) What will be the reason? Why domain user can executes the task succesfully? Why Administrator cannot executes the task succesfully?

b) The incident above was not happenning in the past (prior database migration).  Is there any different between windows 2000 and 2003 logon processes or architecture?

OS SecurityMicrosoft SQL Server 2005Windows Server 2003

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I have found out that the Administrator password is different between application server, APP_SERVER01 and database server, DB_SERVER02.

The Daily task completes succesfully after the infra team change the Administrator password on DB_SERVER02 to be the same with APP_SERVER01.

However appreciate if somebody could explain to me in layman term (since this is not my domain) on how the logon process or architecture takes place.
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Both servers are residing on the same domain.
However, when the task scheduler runs, it uses local administrator to run. After we change the password for local administrator on both servers to be the same, the task scheduler completes succesfully.
How the Microsoft task scheduler works? Should we be using domain account to run the Microsoft task scheduler when it requires to connect to another server?
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003

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