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Echo post var in aspx file

I do not have programming experience with ASP but need to make very slight modifications to an .aspx file. I would like to echo a _POST variable on the page (eventually into a hidden input field).

Can you tell me how to do this?

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
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>aspx file.

or was that a typo, you really use classic ASP pages (.asp)?
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Not a typo. The server has a foo.aspx files. When I look in them they are pretty much normal html with the addition of things like:

that is, so you use visual to develop/change the site?
because with simple notepad/text editor, you cannot do it, as you need to compile the site's .dll file for the changes to be applied....
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I am not the developer of the pages, just trying to make slight modifications to the html of an already installed product.

Your kidding me about being required to be recompiled... there is no simple way to edit an asp site?
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If I edited an .aspx file (just added the text "Test" in the body) and now the site says
"The underlaying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server"

Do you think that was me?
you have 1 guess :)
>Your kidding me about being required to be recompiled...
nope. no simple way with

>there is no simple way to edit an asp site?
with the classic asp pages, yes, there is was easy.
with, you have to open the whole site project, change, compile in release, and put into place the necessary files...
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God..... I am already hating asp.

It would crash the entire system just because I added one bit of text to a template? I even removed it and it still doesn't work.
restart the IIS, that might clean up the mess...

Just to add another option that may work in a case like this to get going again.  In a lot of cases the "connection" is something setup on the server to the DB.  Delete that and reset it up, using the same info, has gotten things going for someone I had to help in a similar situation.

The other stuff the expert above has said is all correct.  All credit to him for that answer and hopefully one of these things will work to get you going again.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

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Does anyone have a suggestion on how to echo a post variable (as a value of an input box).
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I'm glad that helped.  Thanks for the grade, the points and the fun question.