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System Error (102) EventID 1003

I've got a system that has recently started to randomly crash. It's an older Dell PowerEdge 6450. It's not used for primary production, but it is still in use by several folks here. When it could crash, nothing was written to the event log except for "last crash was unexpected", but no real diag info. I updated the ESM firmware, BIOS, RAID firmware, and RAID drivers just to catch it up to the latest releases of Dell software.

It seemed to be running fine when Windows 2000 Server was installed on it. Because of a testing environment, the users needed it to have Windows Server 2003 installed a few months ago.

Today it bluescreened and it actually wrote a minidump and some info to the system log.

Attached is the info from the event log and the log output from the x86 Windows Debugging tools.

Any additional help/info would be greatly appreciated.
Windows Server 2003

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