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Issues with external control buttons, wireless & mute/volume

I recently started working on an HP Pavilion ze5700 laptop for a customer.  It originally came preloaded with XP home.  They lost their recovery CDs, so bought a copy of XP Pro to install.  After downloading all available drivers and BOIS updates from HP, the buttons on the 'outside' of the unit for turning on and off the wireless as well as the mute have no effect.  Rather odd that BOTH buttons went bad at the same time IMO.  Am I missing some software to control the wireless and mute buttons/LEDs?  BTW, the wireless is on and it works, just can't use the button to turn it off and no LED letting me know it's on or off.  Same with the Mute button/LED.
Any help would be greatly appreciated since 3 chats with HP got me nowhere.
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