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How do I add a .fla file to my website that I created in CoffeeCup Visual SIte Designer?


I have created a website in CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer version 5.9.2.  I also purchased a .fla file online to use as the intro to my webpage.  I now need to figure out a way to add the .fla file to my webpage.  I e-mailed CoffeeCup directly and this is what they said:

"Unfortunately .fla files cannot be displayed directly over the web, and can only be used in Adobe's Macromedia 8. What you will need to do to is compress the raw flash file ( .fla ), then use custom html code to display the .swf file onto your site."

I do have Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, although I do not yet know how to use it.  Can I get the HTML code somehow using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional to then add to my site that way?  If not, how can I get the custom HTML code?



PS-I have access to the Adobe CS3 Master Collection if there is another Adobe product that may help.  Also, I checked CoffeeCup HTML Editor for one of the zones for this question, however, keep in mind I am actually using CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer which is a different program.  It's basically a WYSIWYG designer.  You can add HTML code though.
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