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The seasons they do change, or do they?

                      Seasons                                 [75]

(A) [combine]

How many seasons are there?
How many seasons do you think there should be?

(B) [combine]
How many seasons could there be?
How many seasons will there be?

(C) [combine]
How many seasons were there?

(D) Mix the above together, and what is the result?

¤¤   What are seasons really?   ¤¤
[please try some thoughtfulness, with a measure of the empiracle, this is a question for science, not four math, or that is the intention anyway (unless you insist)] 
[The outline format provided above does not have to be followed step by step for any comment(s) or answerers, feel free to redo any/all of that as be convenient to your point, or dispense with that aspect ratio]

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