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Avoid problem Sharing SMTP Address between two organizations

Hi all,
I want to configure Exchange 2003 to share SMTP address with other organization.
The MX box is located in my instalations, so I have to forward the mails to the other organization.
Im going to configure my Exchange as non-authoritative and configure a SMTP connector to mail out to recipients in the other organization. Also Im going to configure a recipient filtering.
The MX box is asking LDAP queries to the other system in order to know if the recipient is local to it. If it isn´t, the MX box is going to deliver the mail to my Exchange.
The problem is if I receive a mail from an invalid recipient to an invalid reciipient also (for example from u1@abc.com to u2@abc.com and both recipients don´t exist in my Exchange.
What I expect to happen is:
My Exchange generates a NDR sent to u1@abc.com from postmaster forwarded to the MX box, that after querying LDAP will forward to my Exchange again.
So, how can avoid this loop?
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