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Help with RAID1 on PowerEdge 2850

I have a 2850. Two drives (0 & 1) were supposed to be in a RAID1(mirroring) situation.  The other 3 are RAID5 and another (5) is a hot spare.

For DR purposes I wanted to take another drive, and replace 0 or 1 with it and rebuild the mirror, then store that drive in a vault and put the original back in. That way, theoretically if all went south for drives 0 and/or 1, I could just put the drive in the vault and a new drive into 0 and 1 and tell it to rebuild the other and be back in business.

When I went to test things, I pull Drive 0 out.  After a while the machine crashed with a blue screen--even though I thought it was supposed to be hot swappable.  When I booted back up in to the RAID config, drive 0 and 5 said FAILED.  I did a Force Online for Drive 0 and rebooted.  Assuming the RAID1 never was working for 0 & 1 I decided to rebuild that.  I am unclear how to do it.  I cleared the data on Drive1.  What do I do get drive 0 to mirror to drive1 without destroying data on drive0?  Shouldn't I be able to remove drive 0 at that point and everything still work?

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