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PHP - Email - Microsoft 'smart' quotes

I moved a bunch of php code over to a new server. Part of the code was responsible for gerating a daily email. The editor uses Microsoft Word. On the old server, the code ran fine (PHP 4.x; Apache 1.4) however on the new server (PHP 5.x; Apache 2.x) the code looks fine all the way till the reception of the email. The email displays gibberish in place of the MS 'smart' quotes.

So - I decided to just get rid of the smart quotes before sending. The code I need to clean up looks like this if you open it in VI :

 This is a double quote open  -     â<80><9c>   and   a  close   â<80><9d>^M
This is a single quote open  --  Ã¢<80><98>    and   a close  --    Ã¢<80><99>  

I found a few lines of code on the net to replace these stupid characters. it is:

$chrs = array (chr(150), chr(147), chr(148), chr(146));
$repl = array ("-", "\"", "\"", "'");
$HTMLcontent = str_replace($chrs, $repl, $HTMLcontent);

However, it does not recognize and replace the smart quotes so I am still left with gibberish in the email. The gibberish looks like this:

This is a double quote open - â¬S and a close ⬝
This is a single quote open -- â¬Ü and a close -- â¬"

Any suggestions on how to get this problem resolved?

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Try this one...

  $find[] = 'â¬S';  // left side double smart quote
  $find[] = '⬝';  // right side double smart quote
  $find[] = 'â¬Ü';  // left side single smart quote
  $find[] = 'â¬"';  // right side single smart quote
  $find[] = '⬦';  // elipsis
  $find[] = 'â¬';  // em dash
  $find[] = 'â¬';  // en dash

  $replace[] = '"';
  $replace[] = '"';
  $replace[] = "'";
  $replace[] = "'";
  $replace[] = "...";
  $replace[] = "-";
  $replace[] = "-";

  $text = str_replace($find, $replace, $text);

it's from the PHP manual
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Sorry - but this doesn't work.

I have done an octal dump to give you an example of what I need to replace:

0000000   T   h   i   s       i   s       a       t   e   s   t       o
0000020   f     342 200 234   q   u   o   t   e   s 342 200 235   .  \r
0000040  \n  \r  \n   A   n   d       t   h   i   s       i   s       a
0000060       t   e   s   t       o   f     342 200 230   a   p   o   s
0000100   t   r   o   p   h   e   s 342 200 231   .   W   i   t   h    


$test = str_replace(chr(342), "\"", $text);

has no impact so the php script just doesn't seem to want to 'see' these characters for some reason.

This was the final solution guys - the chr() function needed hexidecimal values:

function convert_smart_quotes($string) {    
$search = array(chr(0xe2) . chr(0x80) . chr(0x98),chr(0xe2) . chr(0x80) . chr(0x99),chr(0xe2) . chr(0x80) . chr(0x9c),chr(0xe2) . chr(0x80) . chr(0x9d),chr(0xe2) . chr(0x80) . chr(0x93),chr(0xe2) . chr(0x80) . chr(0x94));
$replace = array('&lsquo;','&rsquo;','&ldquo;','&rdquo;','&ndash;','&mdash;');
return str_replace($search, $replace, $string);

Credit for this one goes to 'Mark' posting on
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