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Reverse DNS lookups do not work in our new parent-child domain to another domain in our organization

We have a parent-child domain setup (just went through a conversion) that can not perform reverse-DNS lookups to a second domain in our organization.
The Parent domain (call it p-dom) has a single child domain (call it c-dom).  We will be adding other child domains later.
There is another domain in a different location in our company (call it t-dom)
In either domain you can do a forward DNS lookup (by name) (i.e. nslookup machine1 returns but if you turn around to do a reverse lookup (by IP address) it fails (i.e. nslookup  it says  dnsserver can't find Non-existent domain).
Both domains have the appropriate forwarders defined (i.e. in t-dom there is a forwarder to c-dom AND in c-dom there is a forwarder to t-dom).  Both domains also have forwarders defined for "all other domains" to go to our internet DNS servers.

What am I missing?  Is this a parent-child thing or is there something about reverse DNS lookups that I am missing.

One other note is that reverse DNS lookups to the internet DO work (i.e. nslookup yahoo.com returns and nslookup returns w2.rc.vip.sp1.yahoo.com).

Lastly there is a firewall between the two domains but there are rules to allow all IP traffic from each domain server to the other, both ways, across the firewall. Just thought I'd mention this but I don't think it enters into it.

ANy help would be great!!!
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