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Expand a listbox in an access report

I am creating a resume generator in access that generates a report based on some selected items.  So far I have all of the data I need for the report but now I am trying to get it on the report.  I need everything to be neat and clean and the data is not always the same every time.  For example, the listbox I am working with may have 1 entry and next time it may have 3. There could even be times when it doesn't have an entry at all.    So what I need to be able to do is create it on the report, and if it has 1 entry, it shows the 1 entry, but if it has 3, I need it to show all 3.  Right now, the only way I know to do this is by making the list box bigger or in other words, the listbox has to be resized to show however many entries you have.  I can't really do that everytime.  I need it to resize based on how much data it is going to show automatically.  I would also like it to disappear altogether if there no data available.  

I have attached a pdf copy of what the form looks like.  All of the checkboxes is what could and could not be shown on the resume based on if it is checked or not.  All of the info is put into a seperate table by clicking "save template"  The 4 listboxes to the left is an example of why I have to have the listbox be able to expand.  A resume could have 1 entry for Education, but the next one could have 3.  
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