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My domain Controller die and I have to go with the secondary, now when users login is sooo slow.. Sugestions?.

Sorry long subject.. I am thinkin is teh domain controller letting users in.. I didn't seize the FSMO roles???>.

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Are both DCs DNS servers and Global Catalogs?
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The first one (original is dead) so the new one is now the DNS server and I made it the global Catalog (I unmarked the other one from Global Catalog)..

Are the clients now using this new server as the primary DNS server?   Or do they still have the one that died as primary, and the one that is up secondary?
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Rajith Enchiparambil
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Make sure the new DNS server is the primary one for the clients.
Edit the DHCP scope for this.

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yes teh new one is now the primary DNS. I printed teh instructions to seize.. I will try in a bit and let you know..
Try to bring a new Domain Controller with DNS as well for redundancy.
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can I seize while everybody is in????
Yes you can.
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I'd prob. look into running a metadata cleanup of the failed DC also. I've restored dc's in my test lan and have had login issues and lots of event log errors prior to me running the cleanup.