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Unable to locate CN=Configuration in ADSIEDIT.MSC

Hi Experts,

We installed a Server 2008 standard DC and a member Server with 2008 standard intended to run Exchange 2007.  Both are intended to be production servers.  On the member server, we installed 32-bit Standard Server 2008 and 32-bit Exchange 2007 sp1.  When we were unable to enter our product key, we found out that the 32-bit version is only a trial, so we had to go the 64-bit route.  We uninstalled Exchange 2007, formatted the machine, installed Server 2008 64-bit, and then tried to run the Exchange 2007 sp1 64-bit install and we of course got the error message: "The Exchange Server is in an inconsistent state. Only disaster recovery mode is available," because we didn't uninstall Exchange correctly so it would remove the AD components.

I followed the EE Article: 23053052 to use ADSIEDIT.MSC to remove Exchange from Active Directory.  However I am unable to locate CN=Configuration.  The Author of the EE Article was unable to locate CN=Configuration also at first, however they said they found it by accessing the Support\Tools version of ADSIEDIT, which tells me they are probably running Server 2003.  And I thought it might be a bad idea to try to run the 2003 version of ADSIEDIT on 2008.

I go to Start > Run > type ADSIEDIT.MSC which pulls up ADSI Edit with a blank page.  I click Action > Connect to > then OK to create the "Default Naming Context."  It lists our domain which I select, however there is no CN=Configuration.  I'm not familiar with ADSIEDIT to make it display that information.

Also when we formatted the member server with Exchange, we gave it the same exact IP Address and network name as before.  We read online that if we re-name this member server to something else, that would fix the problem and allow us to install Exchange.  We didn't try it because I didn't think that would work, but I wanted to mention it.

How would we remove the Exchange Components in Active Directory on Server 2008 so we are able to install Exchange again?

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