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What does NFS look like if I run "ps aux" on Linux?

I've got to deal with two servers. The staff at the business  use server1 to manage the business. That is where their control software is. But some very important files get uploaded to this path on server2:


I need to mount server2 on server1 so that some of the software on server1 can reach files on server2 as if it was all one file system. Both servers are running a year old version of RedHat.

A person I know suggested I look into NFS. So I look up "NFS" on Google and it takes me here:


Which says:

"Set up your /etc/exports file (man exports for details)."

I'm curious what this file looks like, so I go to server2 and look at this file. I'm surprised to see this entry:

/data/ftp server1(rw,no_root_squash,sync)

So now I think, okay, it looks like someone on staff was already trying to do what I wanted to do. I check to see if NFS is already running:

ps aux

I don't see anything in the output that has "nfs" in it. What should I expect to see if this process is already running.

Also, how should I read this line:

/data/ftp server1(rw,no_root_squash,sync)

Does that mean the path "/data/ftp" is allowed to be exported to server1?

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/etc/init.d/nfsd status - The nfsd part might differ, it could be nfs.server, or any other wonderful variation someone thought would be cute at the time.

Once you have confirmed that the export is working successfully, try showmount  from the client server.

If this works, try making a directory in say /tmp on the client and then the mount command: mount :/data/ftp /tmp/directory

If this works, great your exports are working.

Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.