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Yahoo Small Business Email populating Outlook 2003 Incorrectly after workstation joins the domain

Workstation just recently joined a new domain, Outlook is getting Pop Email's from Yahoo small business email.  After joining the Microsoft Windows 2003 domain, Outlook contained orginal email's dated thru today, once I connect the Yahoo Business email, it starts populating her email's from a couple of years ago, 7150 email's are coming down as if not read.  The original outlook setup was to keep her email's on the POP server and not to delete the email's.  Outlook does have 2 profiles, one is called Outlook and the other is called BACKUP of Outlook.  I did remove the password for the user email in the BACKUP of Outlook so that the email's are left in tact.  The Yahoo \small Business Email Account has 13 sub folders, and Outlook have 15 sub folders, what can I do to prevent Outlook to receive email's as if new from the past which has already been read at both locations, thanks
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