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Outlook Web Access doesn't display the immage properly when accessed from the internet. Immage are missing.

I have an exchange server installed in my home company office.

Everything is working perfectely and I can receive and send mails out. I also use the outlook Web Access(OWA) and it was working fine until yesterday.

Since last night some problem has occured on the access of OWA. Now, it is still accessble by typing on the web browser but once I enter the credential and I am logged in  the OWA doesn't  appear has used to be, something has changed. The immage are not displayed what I mean all the color immage and the button selections and so on... they don't appear anymore.

I made a screen shot like this you can see better what I mean it is attached on a word document.

I already send this question to one of your collegue that suggested me to reset the Default website directory where all the OWA files are located. Your collegue told me to follow a microsoft knowledge base article that was attached on previous solution that I actually accepted.

I also attached that tutorial that has been followed step by step.

The solution didn't work The Problem is still the same.Please let me know what I can do, as I don't like that my client access the outlook Webb Access with that horrible immage.

Kind Regards

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Have you tried by using IE. Please check and revert. If it is working with IS then it is the compatibility issue with FireFox!. If it the same problem with IE also then refer the below link..
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I am sorry but it was working with Firefox. This is something that suddenly happened. Also to be sure I tried to access OWA from different PC that also have the normal IE, the problem remain the same. It doen't matter where you are located and from which pc and from which version of IE the problem is still there. My opinion is something wrong on IIS some missconfiguration or file corruption.

I will look the Artical that you just sent.

I'll let you know once this is done

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Thank you very much for solving the issue you are a genius.

The issue was related to the IUSR_COMPUTERNAME that was disabled.

I did that for precaution butI didn't think about it that could cause an issue to the OWA.

Kind Regards