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ping/IE does not resolve DNS names, but nslookup does

Basically I have a member server that is pointing to DC for its primary DNS server.  The member server can ping by IP address and can connect to web sites using the IP address.  I can also run nslookup and it resolves DNS queries immediately.  If I try to ping by DNS name or browse websites though, it fails saying it can't connect to the host.

Any ideas?  I have already tried running NETSH INT IP RESET RESETLOG.TXT per this article (  Didn't help at all.

I ran network monitor and it looks like the DNS queries are not even leaving the local server, which is very odd.  Oh and I've already tried clearing out the HOSTS file.
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Does this server have a static IP? If it does what it sounds like is the gateway isnt correct. If your DC and DNS are on the same subnet as the member server they will talk but without a correct gateway address it will not leave the network.
Is DNS installed on the member server?
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Just FYI, I've even gone so far as to install the windows DNS service on the member server and set its NIC configuration to point to itself for primary DNS...and I still have the same problem with ping not resolving the DNS queries.
Clarification: at one point DNS was installled, then windows updates were run and I believe I also uninstalled DNS from the member server.  Then the aforementioned problem seemed to start happening, so I put DNS back on and made sure it was configured correctly as a stub zone for the DC.  Could view all the zone data just fine, but again it would not resolve Pings.
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Can you post a complete ipconfig and sample nslookup outputs?