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Store binary files with PostgreSQL


can someone provide me with hints on how to store binary files with postgreSQL. I have followed this short perl tutorial. http://www.linuxconfig.org/Simple_Perl_example_how_to_store_and_retrieve_binary_file_in_and_from_the_postgresql_database

It works and I'm able to store and retrieve data using the scripts on that page. However I have error messages coming up on my stderr:
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  invalid byte sequence for encoding
"UTF8": 0x8b

where I'm trying to store gziped file. This I assume is because I need to escape binary strings before storing them on UTF8 ( Unicode ) database.  This can mean that escape_bytea subroutine is not working properly.

can anyone help in this matter?

thank you


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