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Restore Default Address List and Default Global Address List

I was trying to separate address lists so users could only see users in certain Address lists.  
I followed this document http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/bb936719.aspx and ran this command:
remove-addresslist All Contacts
remove-addresslist All Groups
remove-addresslist All Rooms
remove-addresslist All Users
remove-addresslist Public Folders

Now all of my Default Address Lists are gone.

Then I ran this command
Get-GlobalAddressList Default Global Address List | Add-ADPermission -User "Authenticated Users" -AccessRights GenericRead -ExtendedRights Open-Address-Book -Deny:$True

Now all of I cant access my Global Address List.

I know this was the intent of the commands but after completing the document I realize that it is not completely giving me what I was hoping for.  How do I restore my Default Address list and Default GAL?

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