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Removing an email message from everyone's mailbox

Today we received the email in our system. Although we have sent a message to user's to not open the message I would like to remove the message from everyone's mailbox or prevent .zip attachments from opening.
Any suggestions on how this can be done with Exchange 2007 or if an Outlook policy can be set to prevent the .zip attachement.

Thank you
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For your scenario:
  1. The Policy that you want
    You can create a Transport Rule for the same, stating if is there in any mail block it/delete it etc etc. Every mail that reaches a Mailbox in Exchange 2007 goes via Hub Transport Server and these rules get applied to all.
  2. To delete the specific mail from every Mailbox
    ExMerge - my personal favorite when it comes to deleting specific mails/calender enteries, from all Mailboxes. It works great and you do not have to put in that extra amount of effort. The closes to explain the process that I am asking is mentioned here in this URL. (goto the last section on "Deleting Appointments", you can use same logic with your criteria
  3. I have not tried the method my from RobSantos has mentioned, so can't comment :-) !
Hope this helps
Nitin Gupta
*Link Removed by ModernMatt 05 Jan 2009

Ok you may say the steps are for 2003, but same applies for 2007... :-) !!
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I like exmerge too, then I saw that even though exmerge works in Exchange 2007 (, it is not native to it.