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Dynamic add and remove row content in the data list

I have 2 inputs, "Date" and "Notes"
and 1 list of records named "History"

All i have to do is combine the data "Date" and "Notes" in to one record and put it in the "History" list, new record is show on top/or bottom of the list.
Now, i just can combine 2 inputs "Date" and "Note" into one record BUT i dont know how to add that new record to the "History" box immediatly after i click "+" and save that record to the database.
I think i should use the special character to split the record but i dont know how can i delete the old record in the "History" box after i click "-" button?

Please help =(
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is this javascript or database?
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both of them, JS and database :(
I guess I asked my question wrong... Are the "Date" and "Notes" field combined with javascript and then place into the textarea... or..

are the 2 fields submitted to a server-side script that saves them to a database and when the page is reloaded, the new entry is then in the textarea on one line?

At what point are the fields joined.
Yes, the "Date" and "Notes" field combined with javascript and then place into the textarea.
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