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Page margins, columns and footers being cut-off.

ok, so i have:
-  my new report created in RS.
- "Report Properties -> PageSize" set to A4 (21cm Wide and 29.7cm High).
- "Report Properties -> Margins" are all set to 0cm.
- Double check the sizes of the report "Body" and that is 21cm Wide.
- I also have a Report "Page Header" and "Page Footer" enabled.
- I have a basic table in the report "Body with a few fields.  Left hand field is up against the left side of the report and left justified.  The right hand field is up against the right side of the report and right justified.
- I also have a simple "PageNumber" field in my "Page Footer" that is against the right side of the report, right justified, and the bottom of the "Page Footer" or bottom report edge is up on the bottom of my "PageNumber" field.

- I preview the report in RS and print it off but:
1st) My rightmost column is cut off (it doesn't push over to page 2... it is just cut off mid character).
2nd) My report footer doesn't print.

My only work around so far is to bring my right columns in so the right edge is say around 20cm instead of 21cm), and increase the space of my "Page Footer" so it is about 2.5cm High instead of about .5cm High against my "PageNumber" field.

Whilst this works it take a bit of trial and error, and is rather messy. Have people had similar issues? Is there a cleaner way of setting things up?

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Chris McGuigan
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I thought that might have been the case, but thanks for the confirmation.