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SBS 2003 DNS hickups - Users loose connection for a short second

Our SBS 2003 Server is currently having "hickups" in the DNS server, well its eather that our its some of our workstations.

What happens is we got a lot of "internal" domains, which will be requested from our DNS server.
Then all of a sudden, it says page not found, and it takes an ipconifg /renew or an ipconfig /registerdns
to fix t his issue before the page loads.

It used to happen only to 1 user like once a week, but now it seems to be hapenning more often, and to more users.

We're in an 1 server SBS 2003 environment with about 40 - 45 client computers (Windows xp pro). using Symantec anti-virus.
The browser does not have an effect, wether they use IE 6, 7 or 8, or mozilla firefox 2, 3 it still happens.

Anyone knows where this could come from?
And any solutions?
Also does anyone know how to allow users to refresh their IP themselves? so that we have a temporary "quick fix"


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Chris Dent

8/22/2022 - Mon