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Oracle job doesn't complete

I'm running an Oracle database on a windows 2003 Cluster with FailSafe. I've got an Export job that runs every night but fails to reach status 'complete'. I can check at the file level and see that the export finished (My dump file is there.). In Enterprise Manager the job has the status running and therefore won't start again unless I stop it forcefully. (I create a similar job with a new name "Export1_X" and then delete the old job.) This method works, but I would prefer to have this function automatically.
I've noticed recently this same behavior with other jobs. The job appears to be completed as when I query dba_jobs_running I get no results back.
My job starts a script that does the actual export. In the script the first step is the mapping of a drive, then the export and then the drive mapping is deleted. When I run the job onto a local drive it completes without a problem. Unfortunately I need to keep this drive located on the other node of my cluster, so I can't just move it to this cluster group.
Does anyone have any thoughts as to why my job doesn't complete?
Thanks in advance for the help.
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