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Linux coding... how to collect Beats Per Minute of a mp3??

I will have a linux web server either fedora or ubuntu running a LAMP setup php/mysql website...

Does anyone know how or can you point me in the right direction on what language would be able to do the following?

1) look in a folder for newly created mp3 files
2) analyze the Mp3 and figure out its tempo (like 110 beats per minute)
2A) if possible, probably very difficult but detect whether the beat is constant like a techno beat 4x4 or if its a broken beat like a rock beat.
3) collect the tempo and beat info and store it in the local mysql database along with the filename

Im very proficient in PHP but i dont think its possible with php alone... ?
Im looking to have a cron run that would kick this into gear like once or twice a day and then update the mysql database with the filename and tempo.

Something like this... but with mysql support?

any ideas??
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