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We have a lot of problems with Vista. We need to downgrade to xp professional.

I just bought XP professional with sp2.  I've been reading online on how to downgrade.  I first back up.  Can I use Norton Ghost to back up or do I actually want to back up Vista?  Do I back up with CDs? Should I wait for my new Seagate 500 GB External back up Drive system because my present back up is only 150GB?  The Toshiba is 168GB full only 60GB used. I don't want to have anything to do with Vista. The easiest is to partition the hard drive.  I guess the c drive and the d drive. Have Vista on d drive, the one we don't use often and the XP on the c drive.  I am guessing a lot and need professional expert guidance.  I can most likely only do the easiest way.  What's unclear, how do I separate the Vista on the d drive?  Will it say on Norton Partition Vista in a folder? Do I need Norton Partition or not?   As you can see I am very unclear and not sure I got good advice.

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