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Replacing RAID

We currently have a HP ML110 G3 Server that has a RAID 1 setup with 2 SATA 80GB drives.  We are running out of space and are looking for options to increase it.

Ideally we would like to change the 2 80GB SATA drives to 2 1TB SATA drives but dont want to have to rebuild the server - is this possible.

Alternatively is it possible to add a second RAID controller and setup a second RAID for extra storage (this way we dont have to reinstall SBS 2003 and setup exchange again etc.

OR do we even need to have a RAID setup, are the new SATA drives with 16MB or 32MB Caches fast enough to handle a network with approximately 10 users(the reason for using RAID would be for speed not redundancy)

Long question but thanks in advance
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