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i have a PDF file that needs to connect to internet and ISA blocks it.

I have ISA server 2004 on a SBS 2003.
I have a PDF file that connects to internet, but ISA blocks that connection.
Here is the ISA log:

Conexión denegada SCPX-01 24/07/2008 12:04:06
Tipo de registro: Proxy web (directo)
Estado: 12209 El servidor ISA requiere autorización para completar la petición. Acceso denegado al servicio de proxy web.  
Regla: SBS Internet Access Rule
Origen: Interna (
Destino: Externa (
Petición: GET 
Información de filtro: Req ID: 185222d7  
Protocolo: http
Usuario: anonymous
 Información adicional
Agente del cliente: Mozilla/3.0 (compatible; Acrobat Annots 8.0)
Origen del objeto: Tiempo de procesamiento: 1
Información de caché: 0x4 Tipo MIME:
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Keith Alabaster
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Thanks a lot Keith it works perfect.
Hey Keith,
my hapiness has gone, because after I did what you said on my ISA, I could do what I wanted with my PDF file, but when another computer on the network tried to login in the server it has no connectivity, neither the Internet neither the local network, the running computers had normal connection, I restarted the serveer the switch and then no one computer coud connect to the server.
Then I tried to disable the ISA rule that I created and all went to normallity. Any Idea what happened?
You DID leave in both rules didn't you - the first to allow the access to the url you wanted from your PC/server and the second rule allowing all access etc for the named Ad group?
I discovered my error. It was making the new rule in the first  position, then I tried to moving down just befor the SBS internet rule and all worked well.

Thanks a lot.